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Welcome from the President...


The first line of our Collect begins with “We, as Lakes Area Professional women, are on a JOURNEY….”.  The journey is not only about our professional life but our personal life too.

I’m sure we all remember being we wanted to “BE” when we grew up.  I know I changed my mind more than once.  It can be a tough decision to decide what you want to BE but that is part of the journey.  We need to continually learn and grow and luckily, you get to choose to BE whatever you want.

But no matter your profession, I think the most important thing that you can be, is to BE YOU.   A big part of that is to Believe in Yourself. The words “Be You” are even part of that phrase. I know that sounds pretty simple but we all know it’s not really that easy for most of us, right?  There are things that might hold us back.  The fear of failing, the fear of what others might think and maybe even the fear of succeeding! 

Just like when we study to be a profession, it takes work, and it takes practice to BE YOU.  It’s a journey.  It takes constant reminders that you are strong, that you are smart, you are unique and you are extraordinary.  It’s about giving yourself a break when you make a mistake, because we all make mistakes. It’s about silencing that voice inside of your head that says you can’t, that voice that holds you back and tells you negative thoughts.  

That voice inside your head is very powerful and it can convince you of just about anything.  So when it tries to tell you that you can’t, I want you to re-train it and to steer it in the other direction. Teach it to be kinder and to be encouraging instead of holding you back.  The next time you hear that voice when you are thinking of trying something new or out of your comfort zone, I want you tell yourself, “maybe this is hard, maybe it will be a little painful but no matter the outcome, I will continue to learn and no matter what I know that I will be okay.” Then do yourself a favor and take that risk, meet that challenge head on, take the opportunity to put yourself out there as scary as it might be.  Just go for it!  If you BElieve in YOUrself - you can conquer anything!  

My hope for you personally & professionally is to BE YOUBelieve in Yourself in all you do – because you are stronger than you feel and you are smarter than you think.   After all, who can be better at being you than YOU?!  




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Upcoming Events

Monthly Meetings
Broadway Ballroom
Mar 28th 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Monthly Meetings - 4th Wednesday each month Broadway Ballroom, Alexandria (unless otherwise noted) 11:30 a.m.-Noon - networking/lunch Noon-1:00 p.m. - program/meeting
Monthly Meetings
Apr 18th 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
The April monthly meeting has been moved up a week so that our members have the opportunity to the "Spring Luncheon". For more information about the luncheon and the guest speaker visit
Annual Scholarship Event
Gathered Oaks
Apr 20th 4:30 pm - 8:00 pm
The Spring Scholarship Fundraiser is a wonderful event that also helps LAPW raise money for member and student educational scholarships. Scholarships are awarded via Dollars for Scholars to schools in the surrounding communities included (but not limited to) Alexandria, Brandon-Evansville, Minnewaska, Osakis, Parkers Prairie, Sauk Centre and West Central Area.